Environmental policy

Basic principles

We value a good relationship with all of you and hope that we can be a highly admired company for our environment- and people-friendly attitude.

Course of action

  1. Environmental conservation is an important issue for our management We regard environmental conservation to be an important issue for our management. We are making an effort to improve our processes and prevent contamination by taking into account the regulatory requirements, significant environmental aspect, and intention of stakeholders to conserve and improve the global environment.
  2. Regulatory compliance We continuously make efforts to conserve the environment by complying with related laws and regulations and agreed standards.
  3. Enhancement of education and awareness about the environment We promote environmental education among our employees to raise their awareness.
    We strive to perform simulation trainings for emergency situations to not cause trouble to the local community in such circumstances, including an accident.
  4. Harmonious solidarity with the local community Recognizing that our plants are located in "Warabi area," Kyotanba-cho, an area with abundant nature, we strive to exist harmoniously with the community and beautify the area around our plant.

Date of enactment: November 1, 2005
Date of revision: November 1, 2015

The President of Chikamochi Pure Chemical Co., Ltd., Hirohiko Furukawa