Purity 99.9%

We are dedicated to pursuing the quality of raw materials used, strengthening quality control in the production process, and working towards the production of high-purity products.

Creating the future with trust and responsiveness

Chikamochi Pure Chemical, building on the technology cultivated over many years, continues to rise to the challenge of creating products aimed at a better future, from manufacturing our original reagents to OEM production, all tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Main Products

  • Iron(II) chloride
  • Ammonium cerium(II) nitrate
  • Ammonium iron(I) sulfate
  • Iron(I) chloride
  • Europium nitrate
  • Zinc, Mossy

Environmentally friendly production methods

In our company, we refine used liquids for reuse, contributing to recycling efforts. As a company that continues to create the future, we will persist in manufacturing with consideration for the environment.

History of
Chikamochi Pure Chemical

Since its establishment as the Chikamochi Pure Chemical Research Institute in Osaka in 1966, with the support of many, we have been fortunate enough to celebrate our 50th anniversary.